Started the morning with a power outage. That threw my schedule completely outta whack.

I am a creature of intense habit, I fear–I get up, I have my cup of tea, I eat breakfast, I sit down at the computer and work. If the cycle gets thrown off, it all goes, and I find myself accomplishing very little in the way of work. It may simply be a lack of self-discipline on my part, but once the schedule’s gone, and I’ve spent half the day wandering around looking for things to do until the power comes back, I am mentally shot. If I get in a groove, I can work all day, like crazy, if I’m in my routine I can at least do some solid, workmanlike hammering out of Diggers and whatnot, but if I’m not in the groove, and my routine is broken, I wander around like a lost wombat, picking at things in the fridge and wondering if I can justify a nap yet.

On the bright side, heard back from the plant conservation people, who told me not to sweat the devil’s grandmother too much–it’s common enough down here that it’s a lot more important to slaughter the Japanese stiltgrass. (Apparently one of the top ten invasives in North Carolina. Must! Slay! Grass!) So I feel a lot better about that. My eco-guilt is assuaged. Hopefully it’ll be dry enough this weekend to put in some serious stiltgrass slaying time, although I’m glad we’re getting the rain.

“Entropia” arrived. Very cool little book. Art style isn’t one of my general favorites, but very charming. It was, as I was told, a lot like something I’d write, which of course makes me want to write something like it…because of course, I need another project like I need a pungi stick through the spleen.

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