I got a lot done today–got a Digger done, got some work in on a piece of production art, got a sketch done for a small but cute painting and a fair number of doodles. It was a productive day. Possibly I need to be bit by centipedes more often.

Despite this, I’ve been tired all day. That heaviness you get over your eyes that says “I could fall back asleep at any moment,” which you start out with in the morning, and gradually leach away with caffiene and work, stayed firmly intact all day. I took two seperate naps. I assume that yesterday’s glut of antihistamines are still working through my system, but it’s sort of annoying–I have the sense of being dislocated in time that you get on days when you’re sick and spend all day on the couch reflecting on how the people faking wresting aren’t even trying any more, what the hell was that, anyway, any idiot could see he was stomping on the floor a foot from the guy’s head!–and then click guiltily away, trying to find a nature show or something with some shred of redeeming quality, and wind up watching home-improvement porn or Bob Ross.

I feel like that. Only without the TV.

Oh, well, hopefully tomorrow I’ll be back in the land of the living…

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