Running around like a chicken with my head cut off–to no one’s great surprise–getting ready for HeroesCon. There is no art show, apparently, so I’ll be selling some small pencil originals at the table. I was planning to bring along General Globberlich, but honestly, I’m kind of attached to him, and tempted to keep him around. It’s so rare that I want to hang on to a painting of mine that I feel almost guilty. Not because I dislike my art, I hasten to add, or anything silly like that. I just generally like money more. Ultimately, this is a good thing–if I kept all my art, I’d be broke, and more importantly, up to my earballs in art. Being prolific only works if the art is going out at a significant fraction of the art being generated, or the studio gets awful cramped.

I’m not expecting too much out of this con–if I make enough to cover food and my half of the hotel room, I’ll be happy–since it’s more of a comic industry convention than a weirdo SF art convention, and of course, I have almost no Diggers to sell at the thing (I was going to take what Sofawolf had left over from Anthrocon. However, sales were just too darn good, because there were three whole copies left. Oh, woe, such a hard life. *grin* ) But hey, I’ll put one out as a display copy and direct people to the website or something. And you never know, it could kick ass–it’s a big convention, after all, starting to get in the general neighborhood of 10K attendees, and with that many people, there’s bound to be a few who will shell out money on weird hamsters and Bad Egg T-shirts.

And once this is over, it’s the end of my con season, and I can sleep for a week.

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