Well, the total today looks like six daylilies, seven iris, eight echinacea, two wedges of creeping thyme, a dozen mums, a shasta daisy, one indeterminate yellow thing that resembles echinacea, and nearly twenty gladiolas.

I also went out to the nursery this morning to get the cow poop and soil conditioner to plant these things, and while I was there, splurged and got brown-eyed susans, a native wildflower called “prairie winecup” that’s supposed to love dry and sun, and, to my immense delight, they had cardinal flower/giant lobelia, which is a beautiful native that hummingbirds go nuts for.

So it’s a good day in the yard.

And now I am in the “Guess How Badly Ursula Abused Her Body Today!” moaning and limping stage. But it was worth it…!

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