I came, I saw, I weeded!

Planted some jewelweed my parents gave me–god knows if it’ll live, but here’s hoping!–and took down vast quantities of sweet gum saplings and lemon balm, who have taken the absence of El Presidente as their cue to run wild. Some of these respond to pruning, but I think I need a chair and a whip for the lemon balm.

The Rose of Sharon hedge bloomed. It is lavender. I am not opposed to lavender, but that particular shade–Regrettable Bridesmaid Dress Lavender–will take a little getting used to. On the other hand, ripping out a twenty foot hedge is out of the question.

It would appear that in my five day absence, there was another development in the yard–namely, the mosquitos have arrived. I have been happily oblivious in the garden for several months now, but they’re out in force today, and I am itching like an…err…itchy thing.

Having done my duty in the garden, I have showered, I will shortly make tea, and all will be right with the world. I should work on Digger or Nurk today, I think. Tomorrow is soon enough to get back into the bill-paying/art-mailing madness. Although I should really update my originals for sale listing, too…

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