Oh, dear lord.

I was out pouring the Hot Meats peppered sunflower seeds into a feeder, and ran afoul of them.

My hands were nowhere near my face, so I suspect a stray breeze caught one of the tiny bits of husk, carried it dancing on the wind, and then, with airy malice, whipped it directly into my right eye.

The pain was immediate, blinding, and absolute. Hot peppered suet up the nose that one time was pretty bad, but this was like an assault. I staggered towards the house moaning the mantra “ohfuckohfuckohfuckoh–” and blessed the architect who put the bathroom next to the back door.

Flushing it with water helped, after a few minutes, but sweet mother of bunnies. If the squirrels experience even half of that when they try to eat the stuff, then I am committing an abominable act of animal cruelty. I only hope they smell it and know better than to grab a mouthful.

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