Name That Weed #3!

Our next contestant is a shrubby fellow, growing on what looks like a woody stem. It has bark, not soft green squishiness. He appears at the back of a neglected part-shade bed, so he could definitely be a garden plant planted deliberately, but it’s also possible he’s a volunteer–we’re talkin’ a solid year of neglect at least.

The leaves, as one can see, radiate out in bunches of five, not unlike a rhodedendron, but much thinner. The main plant is about two feet tall, but there are some smaller seedlings coming up around it.

Weed 3

The floor is open if you want me to sniff it, snap it, poke it–I draw the line at eating most of these, but other than that…

UPDATE: Looks like the consensus is a type of oak–willow or water–which means the Weed Must Die! Thank you everybody!

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