Parental Links!

People interested in following the saga of my father’s battle for solar panels can now read all about it as he blogs the experience! (He’s never blogged before, and there’s not much up there yet, but he’s at Feel free to go and complain about his daughter, of course. *grin*) He’s supposed to testify before the state legislature about his solar panels in a week, so that should be thrilling, or perhaps terrifying, or both. *grin*

Since I’m doing parental links anyway, let me also point out that the full reduction print printmaking demo from my other set ‘o parents is up here.

My family is obviously doing much more exciting things than I am at the moment–I’m still pluggin’ away on packing. I have nearly run out of boxes, and am trying to decide whether I go get more, or whether I can take the boxes to the new house, empty them, and bring them back and refill. That plan SOUNDS good, but granted human nature, I am skeptical of it actually happening.

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