Finally saw Mirrormask.

Ah. Hmm.


I love Neil Gaiman. I respect Dave McKean, even if I don’t particularly want to cover the walls with his art. I am fiercely dedicated to whimsy and we all know my love for magical magickyness that acts freaky and arbitrary and–well–magical, and not like D&D with a well-rounded psionics handbook thrown in.

Still, I can’t say the movie did all that much for me. I wanted to like it, there were bits I did quite like, some of the visuals were lovely, but…there were a lot of nice THINGS, but it didn’t really hang together as a narrative for me. It was almost like…like a comic book written by an artist, actually.* You get ideas for all these great scenes you want to draw, and then you kinda squish the story in so you can hit ’em all. I dunno. It was oddly devoid of tension, or revelation.

The music didn’t help. At one point James turned to me and said “Oh, god! It’s Yanni does the Night Court theme!” and that set me off completely.

Still, very pretty bits.

*Like making fun of one’s own race/religion/species/etc, I am allowed to mock this foible because I do one myself, even if I’m not a hundredth as cool as McKean.

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