Cruel, Cruel Brain

I took a nap this afternoon, and had the usual struggle with hypnogogic hallucinations and false wakings on the backend of it.

In one of them, I was looking outside, and there were three or four indigo buntings there.

“YES!” I thought–and then “CRAP! Am I dreaming?” So I kept closing my eyes and thinking really hard about waking up, and opening them again–and it was the same landscape as before, so I thought “Hey! I must be awake! Those are really indigo buntings! Wow!” This thrilled me to no end. I was glued to the glass watching the feeder. “And another bunting! And another one! And a wood thrush! And a…kildeer…wearing…aviator goggles…”


I woke up for real a moment later, bitterly disappointed, and was so miffed about there not being indigo buntings on the feeder that the fact I was completely paralyzed and my usual trick of inhaling deeply wasn’t snapping me out of it only served to piss me off further, rather than making me panic. Eventually the paralysis broke, but the sulk did not.

My brain has both an astounding ability to generate bird sightings in my dreams, a profound sense of cute, and a really nasty sense of humor.

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