Dinosaurs and Megafauna


It occurs to me that some of my readers are big into paleo-reconstruction illustrations. You know, the people who look at fossil skeletons and then paint the critter that owned it. You know, the kind of illustration that I, personally, could never do because I’m not really that big a stickler for accuracy, and I’d be inserting random chickens or putting party hats on the Ambulocetus.

Nevertheless, I can admire people who do.

So if you do like that sorta thing, you might be interested in the work of natural history illustrator Carl Buell, who started a blog not long ago. He’s a nice guy, we’ve chatted over e-mail a few times, and he’s been doin’ this sort of thing professionally almost longer than I’ve been alive. The blog’s still young, but it’s got some process stuff, and some discussion of the art of illustrating based on reconstructions, and whatnot, and it’s an interesting read.


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