Scaling Mt. Email

Nearly thirty print orders sitting in my in-box. This is a GOOD THING from a sales point of view–yippee! Money! Woo!–but a somewhat exhausting thing because somebody’s gotta fill all those orders in a timely fashion, and all signs point to me.

There were also a good thousand spam of all descriptions that needed to be painstakingly deleted. I haven’t even trudged out to the physical mailbox yet, since it’s pouring rain, but I daresay there’ll be a wad of stuff there too. I am not particularly bothered by the rain today, since it’s pleasantly warm in here (my parents live in a lovely renovated church which, alas, is a bearcat to heat and thus is somewhat chilly) and I have plentiful coffee, and feel generally snuggy and comfortable, except that I am whipping the printer like a dying racehorse in hopes of staggering across the finish line in time to get everybody stuff before Christmas. So snuggy and comfortable, with one foot in quicksand. That’s about where we’re at.

And there’s Diggers to be done, and a book cover to hammer out, and Gearworld to write and another column for EMG to contemplate (by the way, I’m writing a monthly column for EMG’s e-zine) and paintings lurking in my sketchbook, the sort of thing that makes you clutch your head and wonder why anybody ever goes on vacation at all.

But it’s all good! We shall overcome! Once more into the breach…!

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