I’ve got some art hanging at Mr. Toad’s Coffee House, courtesy of my budding agent Carlota, and I went in today to pull a piece that had sold. The baristas were very nice about the art and said lots of people have been asking about it, and while we were hanging a new piece, a woman came up and waxed enthusiastic about the paintings.

This is deeply gratifying. I confess, I feel a certain inferiority complex based on the fact that my stuff is Cute and Frivolous. Sure, I’m lackadaisical about it, and god knows, y’all are supportive as all hell, but it’s easy to assume the curve is skewed on the internet, since the people who find your work are often predisposed to like it. People in real life, who are not actively hunting Cute Animal Art, or at furry cons, which is all about the animal art–I think on some level I expect them to dismiss my stuff as saccharine and Hallmark-esque and inconsequential.

So it was really cool to hear. I went home and painted a mouse mage, feeling gratified.


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