I’m doin’ the thing again. The thing where I’m more than halfway through, and I hate the painting. The thing where the sketch that had such glorious potential is now…rather less glorious. A composition that worked in black and white falls down in turquoise and orange and cream. A silky anteater that was cute before now just looks like some hideous skeletal Muppet that’s been kept in the basement and raised by feral dogs. Real dogs. Not cool talking Muppet dogs. The kind that you don’t generally want to be raised by.

I dunno. James tells me to finish it, but James usually tells me to finish stuff. I gave up around noon and started sketching other random things. I came up with a few good ideas. Now I must convince myself that sketching a few good ideas was Real Work(tm) and not just time wasting.

There is a magnet on my fridge that features a smiley-face with a straight slash for a mouth that says “Have a Day.” Today, I had a day.

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