It occurs to me, completely at random, that my readers may be able to help with something that hasn’t actually been nagging me my entire life, but which I just remembered.

When I was a child, my father and I would bond watching Coyote and Road Runner. Like most people, I can identify with the Sisyphean futility of it all, and also, I think I have a secret desire to order large complicated devices with ACME stenciled on the crate.

I have a very vivid memory of seeing an episode where the Coyote actually caught up to the Road Runner. And stuck a fork in him. The Road Runner made a sort of meeping OW! noise, and I don’t recall what happened after that.

Now, my mother, who had a much clearer sense of neccessary dramatic ironies than I did, told me flat out that I had imagined it. My father, who had occasionally challenged my memory of classic Trek and been brought low each time (and to his lifelong credit, not only admitted each time that he was wrong, but paid up on the dollar bet that was generally wagered thus, which doesn’t sound like much, but since my stepfather at the time never admitted he was wrong in his entire life, this actually came as an immense shock to me–that kids could be correct! and adults mistaken! Good lord!–and I was grateful.) did not venture an opinion.

Now, the odds are pretty damn good that I dreamed it. When you’re young, and your dreams are vivid and your memories fuzzy, the whey of dreams does not always seperate from the rubbery curds of reality, as t’were. My mother is almost certainly correct. But I have heard rumors, as one does occasionally, that in such mysterious realms as the Snow White orgy tape and the Donald Duck nazi flick, and other lost fragments of animation, there is an animation wherein the Coyote actually catches the Road Runner.

So I impore you, O readers!

A) Does such a film exist?

B) Was a fork involved?

C) Is this some obscure thing in a vault somewhere, or is there an actual chance that a child watching TV between the years 1978-1984 could have concievably witnessed such a thing?

Or, as in most such phenomena, is the simplest explanation the correct one?

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