Went and saw “Corpse Bride” last night. Cute, if somewhat short. Burton’s character designs are always so cool. It even gets credit for one of the best cute spiders ever–there was a little singing black widow that actually LOOKED like a spider, the way that, say, the spider chick in “A Bug’s Life” didn’t at all (if memory serves, she looked more like a sort of Disney-esque drider, and god, does that take me back) but was still very cuddly. It’s bloody hard to do a spider that looks even vaguely like a spider that’s still cute. I think it worked because the mouth was mammalian, with lips and little fangs, instead of the big hairy palp thing that is so hard to translate into “D’awww!”

The maggot, on the other hand, I didn’t find quite so appealing. It had too much of a face. Then again, if I was going to draw a friendly singing maggot, it would come out looking like a cross between the thing from “It Gnaws…” a gummi worm, and a silky anteater, so it’s probably better that way. The world is not yet ripe for Cuddlemaggots(tm)!

Update: Okay, okay…a very quick doodle is all I’m willing to devote to the idea…

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