Damn, I was right!

Baldy is hangin’ about the feeder again, his warble now bloody and deflated. Evidentally in the three or four hours since my post, doubtless accompanied by the strains of “Born Free,” Baldy’s botfly emerged from Casa de Baldy and into the wide world. (I wonder if I’ve ever seen an adult? They must be quite large, granted the mass of the warbles.)

Unfortunately for poor Baldy, the shrinkage of his parasite has only served to reveal yet another hole, although whether it is the breathing hole of a juvenile or merely the remnant of yet another former occupant, he’ll have to get closer for me to tell.

My apologies, by the way, to those previously unaware of botflies who trustingly googled. I’m sorry. That’s a hard thing to spring on the unsuspecting, I know.

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