O glory of glories!

Today is that wonderous milestone, the moment I have been waiting for for three months and some change, the great landmark in the slow slide towards the end of the year…

It is, in short, the day that it is finally cool enough here that I can throw the doors and windows open and turn off the AC.

It probably won’t last through the afternoon, but at the moment, it is that glorious, tantalizing temperature that’s a few degrees below room temperature–nothing you could call “brisk” but just cool enough that you almost don’t notice the air but can feel each breeze as a wash of coolness. The air may be smog-laden and saturated with pollen, my personal kryptonite, it may carry the hint of rot from the murky trickle in the middle of the band of green behind the house, and the frustrated bark of the Dog of Monte Cristo* next door, but today, air like this is a benediction.

*I hold out hope that he is training mind and body during this incarceration, and will eventually engineer a daring escape and emerge as a dashing young spaniel, out for vengeance and hot chicks.

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