So James is feeling much better today, and is hoping to go back to work tomorrow. Meanwhile, what with Labor Day and James being home sick today, my internal calender is completely shot. Working at home as I do, I basically gauge what day it is by the two things that adhere to a regular schedule, James and Digger updates. Any day that James is home is either Saturday or Sunday. He was home yesterday, therefore today must be Sunday.

Except that there’s a new Digger up. Dear god. Conflicting information! In a panic, neurons running madly back and forth, waving their axons and flinging papers and coffee cups in the air, my brain has decided that it’s Wednesday. Attempts to convince it otherwise have largely failed.

It’s a good thing that James basically lives to work on something, anything, because if he ever retires, I’ll no longer have any sense of time whatsoever.

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