Quicky little scribble-color of a somewhat cartoony figure. I am so bad at cartooning. I think getting one useable head took me as long as coloring it. S’bloody HARD. Plenty of us pay lip service to the notion that good cartooning is as hard as good realism, if not harder, but I suspect most of us secretly disbelive this right up until we try to do it, and discover that we were right all along, goddamnit. There’s a unique bile to having some jerk yelling “I TOLD YOU SO!” when that jerk is your own brain.

Anyway, it’s all done with colored scribbles in Painter–at 72 dpi, it smooths out a lot, but up close, it’s incredibly scribbly. I kinda like the effect, ultimately.




I’m feeling pretty good about these color experiments. I feel like I realized something important about color, or applied it in a new way, or something, although I couldn’t say exactly what. Maybe it was just “Quit worrying and scribble, stupid.” Which is maybe important in a totally different way.

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