It’s a good morning when you’re glumly gazing at a list of things to be printed, and wondering how on earth you’re going to fit Digger in there too, and then you discover that hey, look at that, all but one of those prints are sitting in your print book left over from the Cons already, and you just need a lemonlope, and life’ll be good.

Wormly is currently a ninja. I wrapped all his limbs in strips of black fabric, so that when I put clothes on him, if there are any gaps, they’ll show fabric instead of his tinfoil guts. However, the net effect of all that tightly wrapped black is ninjadom.

Now I need to figure out what to do for clothes. This is a little trickier, and may wait until next weekend to get started, as it promises to take a great deal of time, and I’m back on the art job, painting Keyhole Eye, and starting to doodle again. And Digger, of course.

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