Spent today bent over a face. It is quite good (well, for me.) It is a quantum leap forward from previous sculptural attempts of mine, and I am very pleased, and Super Sculpey rules. However, since I worked fairly large, it is nearly six inches high, and I’d have to make quite a large body to fit under it, so it will probably wind up as a wall hanging face. I’m contemplating some kind of hanging hood thing, possibly in white, but I’m not sure what yet–I’m so jazzed about the act of sculpting that it may sit and wait for a few days while I madly hammer out more faces (hopefully a bit smaller.) Once I have gotten over the pure mad novelty of being able to do reasonably nifty faces, we’ll see about armatures and so forth, and maybe I’ll be able to hammer out an actual figure. But for now, faces!

I’m going to try pre-baking some teeth, I think, and then inserting them, and we’ll see how that works for the next one…

And yes, at some point, there will be photos.

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