Sketch Dump

Studio Assault is going well! I picked up a wheeled laundry cart with canvas bags on hooks, and it’s perfect for storing mats, half-finished art, and illo board. Now I just need to figure out something for the Big Stuff–some kind of plastic storage tote, sans lid, will work in a pinch, although I’m hoping to find a more elegant solution–and I’ll be well on my way. Also, I found a lovely and enormous print of my mother’s, of birds, which I had totally forgotten, and a frame in the right size–I’ll just need to get a mat cut, and I can hang it, probably in the bedroom, which still has a few spare walls.

In happier news, here’s–finally!–some of the stuff I’ve been sketching for the Trinoc art show. They’re not masterpieces, by any stretch, but they were fun and quick and inexpensive, so a couple even sold, despite a pretty slow art show. These were intended for the show and not reflective of the sort of stuff in my sketchbook, although the proto-forms of most of these do show up in there somewhere. And once I do not hate art passionately (i.e. a week or so) I will sketch more. (Gre7g, this one’s on your head…)

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