Phew. Trinoc is over. I have a little more money, a lovely silk-painted scarf of a wombat, and a copy of the latest Harry Potter to show for it. It was a long weekend. It’s not the con’s fault–it was slow and sales were down 30-40% from last year, but it happened to everybody, and that wouldn’t have daunted me–it was the second con in a week thing that really dropped me like a rock. But it’s over now, and I can curl up with a book and go “Shplaaaaugh.” On the bright side, plenty ‘o unsold inexpensive sketch art to upload. Tomorrow. Maybe.

And my knee hurts. My right knee, to be precise. I noticed it ached a little last night, as I was trying to fall asleep, and it was a weird ache. It felt like stiffness or something, like if I moved my knee to a different position, it ought to stop hurting, except it didn’t. There was no right position. It just ached.

Odd, I thought, and went to sleep.

Today it’s twice as bad, and I am stumped. I am not doing anything weird to it, I have not felt anything tear, I have not run any marathons, I have not even been driving very much, to merit gas-pedal ache. But it’s bloody painful, the sort of dull, hot pain that actually radiates clear down my shin in a sympathetic echo, sparking in my toes and twangles part way up my thigh. My left knee, happy-go-lucky bastard, is bouncing along cheerfully, my right knee staggers along like the grim survivor of a death march. I thought “Is this arthritis? Sweet jesus. Not ANOTHER ailment!” The warranty has expired, the parts are starting to go. I have no idea what arthritis feels like, so I haven’t a clue. It’s excruciatingly hot and humid out, but I’m inside in the AC. All I know is that I’m limping badly, and if I was a horse, I’d be gettin’ damn nervous about now.

Oh, well. Once Con Exhaustion wears off, I’ll be cheerful despite any lingering agony, and the notion of tearing apart my studio and rebuilding it is still a bright and sparkly one. So it’s all good.

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