We Live!

We made it back from Anthrocon!

Full con report will probably follow, but for the quickie–did very well, best con yet, best art show sales yet, the Azezaelbunny print in the art show went to auction for a whopping $350, causing me to nearly choke to death on my lunch, sold nine of fifteen paintings, which has left me completely denuded of art for Trinoc this coming weekend–I have literally ONE small piece, and everything else is the big showy won’t sell stuff. So I have three days to whip up an art show worth of small pieces. Jesus wept.

Met a lot of cool people, had fun.

Digger won Outstanding Black and White Art at the WCCA awards! I am terribly jazzed. The Digger collection looks very cool, sold quite well at the Con, and should be available on-line on the 15th.

And now, I’m going to begin the laborious task of checking my e-mail…

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