…and back to the trusty printer we go.

This time it’s easy, just signs and price lists and flavor text. Since I’m not a designer, it’s basically text and small animals. Various small characters get to come out and shill the art, so Eland the antelope and the disdainful Balthazar the turtle are printed large on the “Art by Ursula Vernon” sign, Leroy’s sock puppet advises the viewer of tasteful nudity in the adult book, and the Attack Egg proclaims our ability to print on demand. I sort of enjoy this part. In a despicably Disney-esque kinda of way, I find myself imagining the various characters being either glad to help out the team, or (in the case of characters like Balthazar) muttering darkly about the lack of extra pay for sign duty, the crappy benefits, and where has that blasted lemon gotten to, if he’s not keeping an eye on it, it’ll get up to something nefarious. You can’t trust those blasted citrus.

It’s about then, as I’m narrating in a squeaky, growly voice for the Attack Egg, that I realize I’m punch drunk as hell from days of prep, and should probably not operate any motor vehicles.

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