Despite Athena’s desire to supervise the process from my left knee, I have managed to get all the small prints run off for the Con. (Doubtless I’ll remember a couple at the last minute, but most of ’em.) Now I just need a few more large prints, and the flavor text for the show, and I’m home free!

I have spent so much on ink and paper in the past week that it causes me physical agony. Now, there’s a great return on it, and I expect to more than make it back at Anthrocon, but still, the initial investment’s a kick in the teeth. Anthrocon is far and away the most profitable of the furry conventions I’ve ever done, but I think you always panic before a con anyway, thinking “Oh, god, what if this is the year nobody buys any of my work? What if the economy’s even farther in the toilet than we think? What if I’m a hack? What if I have too much art and people’s brains overload and they don’t buy ANYTHING? (I have nearly 200 prints available. Despite the fact that if I don’t bring everything, people come up and ask “Do you have X?” I still fret about this.) What if the car breaks down? What if a meteor hits? What if…if…if…” and then my brain reboots, and I’m left thinking “Crap, I should work on Digger.”

So, um, crap, I should work on Digger. But we’re in the home stretch now!*

Edit: It’s also worth mentioning, in terms of productivity, that James, who is patient and much more helpful than I deserve, has carefully gotten everything ready to hang in the art show, including the difficult to manuever “Frog Tribe” which required an esoteric cat’s cradle of clips and cord to get into hangable position. James has more or less taken over hanging the art show the last few Cons, because he has that kind of neat, linear mind (barring smallrus infestations in the corners.)

*For the Con, not Digger. Digger won’t be in the home stretch for…geez, years, probably.

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