Two more 5 x 7’s done. The power of art panic compels you!

Went out and got a mousepad rack, and a small tabletop print rack for jumbos that we will try out (and if I don’t like how much space it takes up, I’ll use it as a magazine rack in the bathroom!) Figured out what kind of stacking shelf things will be the right size for T-shirts, and will go back tomorrow for a set. I am grimly determined to be efficient this time. I have realized that I will probably be doing conventions, in one form or another, until I am either dead, have given up art for a career as a chicken tamer, or become absurdly rich* and the outlay of fifty or sixty bucks worth of gear will A) make the table better organized, and far more importantly, B) keep my stress levels and scrabbling through merchandise much, much lower. I am not at a point where I need some kind of professional Uber-display, and probably never will be, but something other than the “Dump the merchandise on the table and let the buyers paw through it” method is definitely now in order. So I’m feelin’ pretty good about that aspect of the Con, even if the art show has consumed me in terror.

Working on an 8 x 10 of that charming duo, Donkey & Goldfish. While I need as many more in that sort of size as I can hammer out, I’m nevertheless tempted to throw caution to the winds and do another big ‘un, even though I don’t need more big art, (I already have four or five large pieces, including the exceedingly large Frog Tribe) and it almost certainly won’t sell. (Large art almost never sells for me at cons–this isn’t modesty, it’s market research. *grin* I’ve only ever moved two big pieces in con art shows. You need a few to pull people in and go “Wow!” but the general price range is for the stuff under a hundred bucks.) It’d be either the Baroque clock or the Anxiety Creature’s ribcage cave. We’ll see how I feel this weekend…

*Insert helpless hysterical laughter here. I’ll wait.

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