Sloggy today. My brain is sulking in the bottom of my skull and refusing to get up. I am forced into negotiations and plans–“C’mon, just get this done, and then you can check your e-mail! C’mon, just answer these e-mails, and then we can get some more coffee! C’mon, finish this coloring, and we’ll break early for lunch!”

Generally I wake up and think “Unnngghgh…sleeeeep…” and then I tell myself “Okay, get up, have breakfast, and if you’re still tired after James leaves for work, you can go back to bed.”

My brain’s an idiot. It falls for this one every time. Of course, by the time I’ve noodled around on the ‘net, checked some webcomics, and so forth, it’s after ten, and lunch is only an hour and some change away, and going back to bed would be silly, and my brain has been cajoled into consciousness.

This morning, we did this same dance, except for some reason after “Unngh…sleeep…” I thought “Wisent. I should look up wisent.” Wisent are European bison. They have the lovely shaggy faces of many cow-esque critters. I have no idea why I should wake up thinking about wisent, but there y’are. I got up and looked up wisent. Huh. It’s a wisent all right.

I’m sure all will be revealed in my brain in time.

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