Since a few people asked for photos of my Dad’s car restorations, here’s the final of his latest project, a 1970 Jaguar 2+2, whatever the hell that means. (I am an auto Philistine, I admit. I look at the car and go “Ooo…purty.” Details beyond that go right over my head.)

Hot kitty on kitty action!

The cat contemplates what is under the hood.

It’s lovely. (I could never drive a car like this, mind you. I’d sit in the driveway with my knuckles dead white in terror at what I might do to the beast, and then I’d need to go lie down for a bit. My dream car comes pre-destroyed so that I don’t have to worry about trashing it. But I still think these are neat lookin’.) Dad doesn’t generally take before photos, so I have no idea how much of an epic transformation this may be, although some of ’em are pretty damn epic–the convertible of my youth has gone from a chicken coop to something almost recognizeable as a car. His current project is a ’69 2+2, but he says it won’t be so impressive when finished, since the body is too badly trashed.

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