Wow! Two art thefts in one year! A new personal best! I have arrived!*grin*

Somebody put up “Azezaelbunny” on DevArt. (With my description! The noive!) Now, say what you like about DeviantArt and their problems, they have always treated me VERY well. An Alert Reader brought it to my attention and reported it, I reported it, I went to the store and got pistachios, and by the time I came back, laden with pistachio-y goodness, it was gone.

My question, of course, is “Look, if you’re gonna steal art, why would you pick something that was on the top favorites of that site for two solid days?” I mean, obscure art, you maybe have a shot, there’s plenty of my stuff that hardly anybody would notice–*I* might not even notice, and in a few cases, largely revealed when I went through some of the Painful Older Work uploads, I’d be sort of grateful if you’d take the blame for it–but that one? Naaaah. Pick something not on the site, for cryin’ out loud.

So I got a good chuckle out of that.

Generally, of course, I don’t have this problem–my work, for whatever reason, is usually too weird or quirky or distinctive or obscure or whatever. So I generally find it pretty funny when somebody tries.

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