The new website is up. Sort of.

In a stroke of digital irony, some set of permissions is locked down wrong, or something, and the end result is that the website, whose great virtue was to be its ease of update, cannot in fact be updated. This is the sort of thing that makes me whoop with painful laughter, and causes cracks to appear in James’s mellow facade, with the screaming of “FUCK!” and the ritual thumping of the desk and so forth. Hopefully he will be able to fix it. There is a chance, regrettably, that it will all have to be re-installed, meaning that I would have to re-upload all that art, and re-enter all those descriptions. While that would be distinctly agonizing, these things do happen, and I suspect that I could probably get it all done in one intensive, brutal day. The cost to my personal realization of Zen would be immense, but hey, I wasn’t using it for anything anyway.

But anyway, it’s up in beta mode. We still don’t have all the stuff we’d like working, some things are funky, and I don’t have all the art uploaded, but nevertheless!

Edit: Also, it may be up and down for several days, so if you try to get to it and it isn’t there, just try back later–we’re probably trying to fix something.

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