It’s one of those days. I spent the morning sketching pigs for this Nameless Project of Coolness, which was a lot of fun. Pigs are like bats. They range between so cute you want to claw your eyes out and a sort of gnarled, wrinkled hideousness that I still want to paint. One of these days, a monsterous black and white sow surrounded by fairies. I have the mental image, but I’ve never gotten a sketch out to match it. Anyway.

Between that and random other tidbits that I’ve been wandering around doing, I realized it was well past noon and I had not eaten lunch. The whole week has been like that. I keep looking up and discovering it’s hours later than it should be, and I’m still not convinced that somebody didn’t outright steal a whole day in there somewhere. This whole YEAR is cruising along at a truly shocking rate. Just…wham, wham, wham, hey look it’s March! No, wait! Gotcha! It’s May!

At this rate, it’s gonna be the weekend before Anthrocon, and I’ll be looking around going “The what, now? I was supposed to do some paintings, you say?”

But I suppose that was inevitable anyway…

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