Squirrel Agriculture

I have agrarian squirrels.

This is my only explanation for the fact that, while repotting and weeding, I kept stumbling over corn. Sprouted, growing, planted in the dirt…corn. I pull up a suspicious weed, and there’s corn on the dirty end.

I have not been planting corn. James denies having planted corn. I am always impressed at what will grow in containers, but I suspect that corn is not among the ideal plants for a pot on a filtered shade deck.

The first few baffled me, and I was thinking it was some kind of bizarre fluke, but I finally realized that my nut-and-berry birdseed blend contains corn, (despite being neither nut nor berry) and the havoc I noticed in my flower pots some months ago must have been the squirrels cacheing corn (and later digging it up.) But they missed a fair number, spring came, and nature took its course.

This is probably how it happened with Homo erectus, too…

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