Shadowrun again today! Woo!

Important lessons learned…

If you hear a helicopter on the roof, it does not mean “Everybody run in all directions for no apparent reason.”

However, should you happen to run into a gift-shop, the uses of a troll-sized “Chicago Museum of Art” T-shirt are many, and include hiding a sleeping mage.

A man impervious to bullets is not impervious to a sledgehammer wielded by an angry troll.

Never say “Dude, I’ll just get in melee with him. He can’t fire something THAT big at point blank range.”

Spells that kill people are all fine and good, but spells that cause people to be overwhelmed with guilt for having shot you are useful.

Sometimes, despite all the technology available in 2060, what you really need is a live sheep.

The small blue giggling eyeless child with black teeth and a charred lower body, in the room full of corpses and magic items, is probably NOT merely a victim of circumstance.

The price of being a sledgehammer wielding monster, with the ability to take a cannon blast to the chest and walk away, is having the willpower of a small and stupid eggplant. This can be a distinct liability.

The only thing that can carry an unconscious troll up a 150 ft elevator shaft is another troll. Bring a spare.

As Vlad Taltos tells us over and over, “No matter how good the mage, a knife between the shoulders will seriously cramp his style.” This can be amended to include “a bullet to the back of the head.”

If the nuclear warhead bleeds when you poke it, there is probably more to the situation that meets the eye.

When attempting to use your possesion of the detonator to a nuclear warhead as a negotiating point with your employer, keep a sense of perspective. “PAY FOR MY AMMO, OR I NUKE CHICAGO!” is generally not appropriate.

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