Working on the website.

Working on ulcer, too. It’s a race, really.

James having solved many of the major technical issues, I am now uploading, sorting, and captioning paintings.


I paint too friggin’ much. I have warehouses worth. I have ancient stuff that I took down long ago, which at first I thought “Yay! I can put this in “older work!” but now I’m thinking “It’s gonna take me six months just to get my current stuff up!” Some of the file names baffle me and I have to pull them up, and see a mostly unfamiliar painting with my signature on it from years ago. Lordy.

Even just C&Ping captions straight from the website, this is still a slog. And it’s still a sort of bare-bones, utilitarian, click the link, nothing fancy site lacking any particular aesthetic merit. But at least once I finally get it all up, I can update it when I do a painting, instead of every few weeks when I have nothing better to do.

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