Today’s installment of “Stuff That You Absolute Positively Under No Circumstances Are Gonna Get Any Sympathy For From Anybody”….

Deviantart. They like the demonbunny over there. A lot. Sort of ridiculously a lot. I now have 1300+ messages in my inbox, and that’s not even starting on the comments. Because DA does not have a “clear all” function, I have had to clean out all 1300+ messages in chunks of 24.

Yeah, I know, poor me. O woe!

Also, I am suffering a mild hit of “tough-act-to-follow-ness” since whenever you do a really popular piece, you suffer a vague feeling that you will disappoint a bunch of new fans with whatever you do next. Generally it’s best to do a quicky, something totally different, rather than try to prolong the magic. All my ideas at the moment involve blindfolded hamsters smoking a last cigarette before the firing squad, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something. (Actually, that’d be pretty cute in a horrible way…)

Annnyway. Doesn’t really matter, since I have Digger and the minicomic to be working on today, anyhow, and as I said, I don’t expect any sympathy from anybody. *grin* I should have such problems every day!

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