Victory! The math is all done.

Hmm. It would appear that I made probably 80% more net last year than I did the year before.

Das’ pretty good. I mean, it’s still a pretty paltry sum–particularly granted that I’ve been doing it for years and work weekends–but we’ve gone from “kissing the poverty line” to “I could live on this if I was in a studio apartment with no car and no cable and ate mac and cheese until I got scurvy.”

‘Course, I’m gonna be nailed to the cross on self-employment taxes now, but I’m mellow.

I’m sure I’m not making half of what I would if I worked a real job, but still, there is at least the appearance of making financial headway. And that makes me happy. It is possible to make a living as an artist! It just…takes awhile.

Edit: And having just engaged in all that backpatting about my success, I spend over a minute panicking that my graphics tablet is broken, only to eventually realize that I am trying to use the stylus on my sketchbook. *sigh* Art: It’s All Some Of Us Are Good For.

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