For the record–not that my parents are that crazy, but since Congress and Dubya seem to have a wild hare up their asses on this one, I figure I might as well state it as publically as possible–if I have no brain and am in a persistant vegitative state, LET ME DIE, ALREADY.

Seriously. If anybody’s trying to make an argument like “She might not be totally brain dead!” frankly, that strikes me as even worse. Mother of god, at least people in jail for 15 years can walk around the cell and read books. If I’m that far down, let me go. Being a tiny, non-sentient voice crying in the dark of a broken brain is not how I wish to spend my allotted span.

The really noxious thing about all this is that we’re even having the discussion. Generally the discussion is good, but in this case, it’s just idiocy. This ought to be a non-issue. It should be absolutely and positively none of the government’s business. We really need a party in power that’s opposed to big government interefering in people’s personal lives.

Like…oh…there was a party like that once…can’t remember the name…

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