Domain is still down. It got re-registered and everything just fine, nobody’s interested in sniping us, we’re with Dreamhost, who is generally fabulous, the site is all there, but the bits aren’t pointing to the other bits yet, so we can’t get to it. (Insert the word “DNS” here where appropriate. ) According to them, it should be back up 48 hours from registration which is…two hours from now. But I’m starting to get antsy nonetheless, because while a weekend down is an annoyance, I’m potentially losin’ real work e-mails now.

Oh, well. Into every life, a little rain, etc. It’ll get handled, and if it’s important, they’ll write back. Meanwhile, today I run off prints, and paint! More fun with oils!

I think it must be good to have multiple paintings going at once with oils. That way you have something to fool with instead of hovering an inch from the paint, liquin fumes curling up your nose and unleashing screaming death on brain cells, chanting “DRY! DRY! DRY!”

Or that could just be me.

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