Squirrel Opera

Stumpy lives! Hadn’t seen her(?) for awhile, but she seems to have healed even better than Gimpy–her leg’s got a broad swath of scar tissue, but doesn’t seem to be dislocated. She uses it stiffly, but can use it, unlike poor Gimpy. Her tail is still bobbed down to a puff of fluff, making her easily identifiable.

One of the Squirrels With No Name came up to the glass while I was admiring Stumpy, and actually tapped on it, as if trying to determine what was inside. It might be the same bastard squirrel whom I caught yesterday, having uprooted and devoured an entire pot worth of bulbs (and they were doing so well! They had leaves!) and massacred my daylily. I am horrified. Once the frost we’re supposed to get this weekend passes, I guess I’ll replant. I dunno what else to do. Bastards.

Update: Hmmm. Stumpy LIKES the hot pepper suet. The other squirrels give it a wide berth, but Stumpy was up there showing down like it was All You Can Eat Cajun buffet. Well…I guess since it’s Stumpy, it’s okay…

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