*laugh* God, am I out of the loop…somebody mentioned, in an unrelated e-mail, that somebody’d tried to apply to VCL with some of my work.

I moseyed over there and turned up the thread*, where, yup, about a month back, having been rejected once, they tried to re-apply with my work–a Digger cover, an elemental mouse, and the bog unicorn. As Ch’marr said “Applying, or uploading someone else’s work is plagiarism, disrespectful, dishonest, and just plain stupid. Even if us assessors didn’t pick up on it, do you REALLY think that, with around 30,000 visitors to the VCL each day, that SOMEONE, perhaps Ursula herself (who uses this site on occasion) wouldn’t tell us about it?”

This sorta thing just cracks me up. I mean, I am, at best, a medium-sized fish in a medium-sized pond, as far as furry art goes, and my style is all over the place, but still. Applying to the friggin’ VCL and assuming it’ll just go by? Man. (Particularly since at least one of the paintings was up there already…)

I know, I know, I should feel horrified and violated, but hell, you gotta laugh. This sorta thing hardly ever happens to me, for whatever reason–I know artists who get copied every time they turn around, but for whatever reason, it hardly ever comes up for me. Possibly I’m just too damn weird.

*Link deliberately not posted so that nobody goes posting mocking the individual in question, because that will just clutter Ch’marr’s forum with stuff that he’ll have to move to the Closed pile, and that would be rude to a hardworking guy.

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