Had a peculiar dream. Can’t remember most of the backstory, if any–sort of hazy wandering around in what vaguely resembled a girl scout camp. At one point, I was standing on a little dock on a river, and across the river there were these…err…creatures. They looked somewhat like reindeer, but with the bulk of horses. Instead of the usual reindeer antlers, they had what looked like thick, sawn off stumps coming from their skulls, but with lots of–stems? trunks? saplings? coming out, sort of like when you cut down a tree and it gets a bunch of new saplinglets coming off from a knot on the side. Same sort of thing. (I want to say “suckers” but I can’t remember if that’s the right word, or if it will make people think of octopi instead.) These sheafs of antler stems were coming off the base, and bound up about halfway along, presumably to keep them all together.

“What are they?” I asked the woman next to me. “Caribou? Kudu?” (They looked nothing at all like kudu.)

“No, they’re rune,” she said.

The two rune got up, and walked into the river. As they approached us, they started to change, becoming more like women. By the time they got to our side of the river, they were these eight or nine foot tall women, with dark hair and human faces, but still the weird antlers. They wandered around, smiling and making pleasant conversation, and the next thing I knew I was reading the little labels on dozens of plant seedlings, trying to find the shade tolerant ones to plant on the deck. (I know where THAT came from, at least…) But the rune, at least, were kind of interesting.

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