Vanwatch — Day 3.5

The van has undergone a second transformation. I glanced out the window earlier and thought “Hmm…seems…longer…?” I went out to get the mail, baffled, and discovered that the van is now in two seperate pieces. The cab, lacking seating, engine, or indeed floor, is now leaning forward drunkenly on two wheels. Since the engine is on the ground in front of the cab, and the hood is gaping open, the impression is that the van just vomited. The back half, several feet down the drive, contains the bed and, for some peculiar reason, half of the frame for the doors, jutting upwards like a lone rib, and is being supported reasonably level by means of a jack. Upon this is supported The Mystery Box, one of the seats, and a great many tools, plus a radio blaring pop music.

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