Got a check in the mail today. Was excited when I saw the return address, popped it open, and became rapidly less excited. Looks like the project was scrapped, they activated the kill fee clause, and I got a fraction of what I was expecting.

The work was done a long time ago, so the outrage is significantly blunted–a grumbled “Oh, bugger,” instead of falling dramatically to my knees and screaming “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! BUUGGGGGGERRRRR!” at the uncaring skies–but still. That’s the problem with freelancing…for the same investment of time and energy, I could make originals worth ten times that. The question is always whether or not they’ll sell. Of course, with freelancing, the question is always whether or not they’ll pay!

I’ve done 12 originals since the year began, and six sold (one hasn’t gone up yet, but I have high hopes.) Plus a Big Older Piece is in the process of selling. That’s not a bad track record on originals so far this year, particularly granted that January and February are supposed to be dead (January was actually pretty rockin’, but there were royalties and those print sets and whatnot.) Income from freelance work and commissions has, so far, been minimal. While I still have covers and commissions on my plate, I’m definitely moving more towards the straight sales side of things, and the projects-of-my-own, and I’m glad of that, particularly at times like this.

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