Q & A with the Superego

Gee, Ursula, what did you do today?

I don’t want to talk about it.

Did you make brilliant art to thrill the heart, or at least weird art to baffle the mind?


Well, then, did you make art for money to pay the rent and foil the creditors?

I can’t say I did, no.

Did you work on that One Thing? You know, the one that involves all that editing that you’re supposed to be doing for that thing that we won’t discuess? You know? The Thing?


Did you work on Digger so that your loyal fans whom you really don’t deserve can read all about their favorite wombat? You know, Digger, which could always use a bigger backlog?


Did you–

I played World of Warcraft from dawn until dusk, okay!?! I accomplished nothing! And I regret nothing!

Well. All right, then.

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