There’s a zit inside my nose.

It’s in the sort of position tucked up in the cartilage where there is no way to, y’know, help it on it’s way without actually turning my nose inside out, which I think would be difficult to reverse afterwards. And it is sore. And being that I have allergies of a constant and low-level sort pretty much every waking moment, whenever I go to blow my nose, kleenex meets zit (“Hi, zit!”) but while kleenex is friendly, zit is like an enraged wolverine (“GRAAAAH! Kleenex, my old nemesis!”) and there is much hurting and pain and snorfling.

This is the third worst place to get a zit. The second is the edge of the lip, which redefines pain in thrilling new ways.

The first we won’t discuss in mixed company.

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