Wake Up Call

The sound of the coffee grinder pulled me up to consciousness this morning (as it so often does.) I thought “Mmmm….coffeee….” and opened my eyes, only to find myself staring deep into the empty blue ones of my cat.

“Ungh,” went Ursula.

“CHIRP!” went Athena.

“Grrrnngngngrrnurrrrrrrr,” went the coffee grinder.

Lick! went Athena, going in for the early morning sandpaper tongue assault.

“Arrrgh,” went Ursula, trying to protect her face.

“Nurrrranurrrrrranurrrrrrrrr,” went the coffee grinder.

SNEEZE! went Athena happily.

“GAHHH!” went Ursula, who had thrown her arm across her face to ward off the tongue and so recieved an armpit full of cat phlegm.


“I’m up! I’m up!”

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