Oh, this is a great idea. Everybody loves a death squad. Sending Kurds and Shiites to kill or kidnap Sunnis? Can’t imagine what would go wrong there. Of course they’ll be impartial, and wouldn’t dream of having an agenda of their own or acting on any old grudges that might be lying around. No. That’d just be silly. It’s not like there’s ever been any conflict in that region or anything that might, y’know, spill over. Sending them into Syria? Great idea! I’m sure the Syrian government will think that’s just ducky.

I’m too young to remember anything about El Salvador. I recall hearing things about death squads and Contras and whatnot. But even *I*, ignorant of history can see that this is a really bad idea. I mean, have we just abandoned that whole winning hearts and minds things? What the hell?

Doubtless my token conservative apologists will tackle this one and explain how El Salvador was a great success. I’m kinda looking forward to the explanation, ‘cos bugger all if I can see it from here.

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