I’m spending this morning filling print orders.

Christmas so far has been fantastic–I’ve moved nearly half of my standard sales volume in five or six days. (And–shameless plug–if you don’t know what to get people for Christmas, consider a print from www.metalandmagic.com ! I have at least one person who said they were giving prints to everybody on their list! Things like this make my day! One stop shopping! Pay with Paypal, and you can still get the print by Christmas! (at least in the U.S. and probably overseas)

Ahem. Sorry, sometimes the tiny marketeer that every artist is force to develop slips his leash. As I was saying, the Christmas season is doing well so far, and hopefully will continue to do well, up massively from last year, but we can’t really count that as a triumph for either my marketing or the health of the economy, because last year I made $60 due to the fact that I was setting up to move. (And in January I made zip. And in February I made $25. Moving really kills a home business.) This year, I hope to make marginally more than that in January and February, but I’m not expecting particularly high volume–sales always tank hard right after Christmas, naturally, you get the very small bounce from people who got money for Christmas and want an original, but that fades quickly, and things are slow going from there on out to about March. That’s when the commissions actually become a driving economic force–except this year, since I’ve only got a few more hanging commissions, I hope to have finished them all by the end of January/mid-February, and be able to do my Own Stuff exclusively for a month or two, as I have been dreaming and salivating to do.

Originally, I really hoped to be able to be done by the end of the year, but as usual, life intervenes, I take on more projects than I should, y’know. In this case, since it was a self-imposed deadline, I have no problem with letting it slide a bit.

And now, back to stuffing prints…

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